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Even if two person can forgive each other, can they forget, what've happened? And can they really forgive when they can't forget?
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Too close

Okay, so yesterday I heard a song that quite inspired me to make a fanvid but still can't decide with which pairing.

Can you help me in deciding?

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With which pairing should I create a fanvid?

Rizzoli and Isles - Jane/Maura
The Closer - Brenda/Sharon
Body of Proof - Kate/Megan

The music is:

7 of 9 fight


They’re = They fucking are.
Their = Shows fucking possession.
There = Specifies a fucking location.
You’re = You fucking are.
Your = Shows fucking possession.
We’re = We fucking are.
Were = Past fucking tense of “are”.
Where = Specifies a fucking location.
Than = A fucking comparison.
Then = A point in fucking time.

Really, nowadays I read too much fanfiction with horrible grammar. Oh, and the list could go on, especially with the to/too pairing! People! Please, beta your work!!